Honours Nomination

The honours system offers public recognition to people in all walks of life and all sections of society who have given quite exceptional service and made a difference in their community or in the country.  There are several different types of award, each one recognising a different type of contribution.  Honours lists are published twice a year at New Year and in mid-June on the date of The Queen’s official birthday.

Anyone can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service, and honours lists contain a wide variety of people from different backgrounds.  Anyone can nominate someone for an award but it is important to note that longevity in a position is not sufficient in itself and that honours are not usually awarded after someone has retired.

Nominate someone for an honour or award for coronavirus-related work

You can nominate someone who has made an exceptional contribution to the response to the coronavirus crisis in the UK. Anyone can make a nomination and there is no deadline. Nominations will be considered by an independent honours committee.
Further information can be found here.

Obtaining a Nomination Form

Firstly, obtain a copy of the nomination form and the accompanying guidance notes. You can download them and print them off from the gov.uk website.  You can also write, telephone or email requesting paper copies to be sent to you.

  • You should read the guidance notes carefully and complete the form as fully as possible. Please ensure you have the required letters of support.
  • Return the form to the address below or fax it. The nominations unit cannot accept nomination by email as a signed copy is required.
  • It can take at least 18 months to collate and verify all the information. Competition is very fierce and there is no guarantee your candidate will be successful.
  • If your nominee is successful their name will appear in the list published in the national newspapers at the New Year or on the Queen’s Official Birthday (June).
  • We would advise you not to tell a person you have nominated them as it is unfair to raise their expectations in case they are disappointed.
  • If you are unsuccessful you can re-nominate provided they are still engaged in the work which prompted you to nominate them in the first place. It is suggested you do not re-nominate until 18 months have elapsed since the original nominations have been made.